Books are powerful things.
But not all books are made equally.

Norms of the publishing industry maintain a narrow idea of value. Books are designed for sales. Profit rules. Potential is missed.

But wait. A book is more than just a product. It’s a breath of fresh air; a ticket to a new world; a dream you didn't know you had.

Every book we make is guided by our values to ensure it has the superpowers we need.

See our core values below:


1. include

Books should be accessible and relevant to all readers no matter their background.

Our mission is to diversify representation in children's publishing. We involve diverse communities and cement accessibility as a creative goal.

2. inspire

Books should open minds and energise bodies.

We set big expectations. Every book can spark a conversation, expand a worldview, and fuel the can-do.

3. empower

Books should raise the spirit so that readers can grasp their own potential and the perspectives of others.

We publish what matters to our community. Together we pave our own way, challenging misrepresentation and building pride in what we produce.

Recognising talent.
Enabling community.
Diversifying publishing.

The publishing industry has a diversity issue. A handful of big companies publish almost all the books with one audience in mind - white and middle-class. The entire industry - from acquisition, promotion, to sales - is essentially set up to cater for this one audience.

Publishers recognise that writers of colour have been historically excluded, but its difficult to shrug off the long standing ideas of what publishing is and who it is for.  

BOK BOK launched in 2019 with growing support from people who feel the same way as we do. We have created a publishing house that introduces diverse perspectives from communities that have historically had a small voice in the wider industry.

This isn’t about making books that ‘look’ diverse.

What matters to us is how we can assemble diverse communities and hear what matters most to them.

Each book is a manifestation of our work with a specific group of people - underrepresented artists, creatives and talent of all kinds, especially mothers and children.

BOK BOK cares about telling the stories of the people we serve, not serving up the misplaced words and numbers of the industry we work in.

This is about empowering communities to tell stories that make a difference.

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